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Versatility of Dion Beaute Eye Emphasizers

As we know, Dion Beaute Multipurpose Eye Emphasizer is known for its versatility.Here are different ways you could use your eye emphasizer. We will update the blog each time we publish a new technique,and you best believe we have tons to share with you goddesses.

1. Signature Rose Gold Glow

How do you get the signature rosegold glow?

- Mix our Eye Emphasizer (Maria I'm Done) with a little Face Moisturizer of your choice.

- Apply dab of the concoction on your cheeks, a lil on your nose to get that healthy wake me up glow to perk your dull days ;)

2. Sun kissed Body Glow Oil

How do you get our signature sun kissed glow?

- Mix our Eye Emphasizer (Kartier Klass) with oil of your choice (Argan,Almond, Jojoba etc)

- You can store it in an empty spray bottle for that extra pick up glow when you are on the beach or if you just wanna be extra AF.

- Spray a lil on your shoulders, collar bone, legs and can even put some on your face..and let the goodness of the oils sip into your skin. Our Eye Emphasizers are irritant free and vegan, so glow awayyy.....