Versatility of Dion Beaute Eye Emphasizers

As we know, Dion Beaute Multipurpose Eye Emphasizer is known for its versatility.Here are different ways you could use your eye emphasizer. We will update the blog each time we publish a new technique,and you best believe we have tons to share with you goddesses.

1. Signature Rose Gold Glow

How do you get the signature rosegold glow?

- Mix our Eye Emphasizer (Maria I'm Done) with a little Face Moisturizer of your choice.

- Apply dab of the concoction on your cheeks, a lil on your nose to get that healthy wake me up glow to perk your dull days ;)

2. Sun kissed Body Glow Oil

How do you get our signature sun kissed glow?

- Mix our Eye Emphasizer (Kartier Klass) with oil of your choice (Argan,Almond, Jojoba etc)

- You can store it in an empty spray bottle for that extra pick up glow when you are on the beach or if you just wanna be extra AF.

- Spray a lil on your shoulders, collar bone, legs and can even put some on your face..and let the goodness of the oils sip into your skin. Our Eye Emphasizers are irritant free and vegan, so glow awayyy.....

3. Glitterati Eye Liner

Our Shimmer eye emphasizers can be used as eyeliner, all you need is a dry eyeliner brush.Our fomula is so creamy that it glides on your eyes right away. For that extra hold, you may apply primer before hand

Marvin & Chardonnay
Lucy in the Sky

4. Blush Babe

Quit complimenting me..I'm blushing

Our Eye Emphasizers can be used as blush aswell, The perfect blush colors from our collection are Rozay and Summer Colada, and if you have darker complexion Redwood looks absolutely stunning...Just remember, little goes a long way, These three colors gives you immediate perk me back up color to your face

p/s: Model in the picture is using Summer Colada on her cheeks,eyes and Calabasas Queen + Summer Colada on her lips.(Tip coming soon)

5. Strobe Cream

Strobe cream? you mean the one they sell in the store for RM100+ ? Yeap! Because of the specific ingredients in our eye emphasizer, you can use our multipurpose eye emphasizer and create your own strobe's how

Model is using primer + Maria i'm done for this look

We recommend Maria Im Done for Fair medium Skintone and Kartier Klass for Medium Dark /Tan Skintone.

How do I integrate this to my makeup routine for a healthy glow?

  • Mix a little eye emphasizer with your primer or prep moisturizer, apply it on your face before foundation.

  • You can even mix this concoction into your foundation and apply it onto your face

6. Dion Silky Glowy Legs

Ever seen fashion magazines and always wondered how did they achieve such smooth glowing legs, as if they were lathered in gold butter? well we may have just a insider technique that you can use to achieve that using our Multipurpose Eye Emphasizer ..

  • The amount of lotion / moisturizer depends on how much coverage you need.. the more lotion/moisturizer the least coverage you will get


Bottom : Bare Leg

PIC CREDITS TO : Morgaine Haligan @morgaineh

Thank You for the tip

Besides that, lets experiment a lil shall we? We tried this technique on the face, and it gave a gorgeous sunkissed look

Face : Foundation + Dion Beaute Eye Emphasizer Kartier Klass

Eyes & Freckles : Dion Beaute Eye Emphasizer in Desert Child

7. Metallic Rebel

Bored of Matte Liquid Lipstick? yet don't wanna spend heaps on different shades? We got you covered...

Customize boring matte liquid lipstick into fun metallic lip with Dion Beaute Multipurpose Eye Emphasizer . How?

  • Get a lil matte liquid lipstick onto a mixing plate or the back of your hand

  • Get some of our foiled/satin/duochrome formula and mix it together with your liquid lipstick

  • Feeling Brave? just pour some of our multipurpose eye emphasizer into the matte lipstick tube for a whole new color in your collection

  • EXPERIMENT with our Multipurpose Eye Emphasizer, use different colors of liquid lipstick, mix 2 different shade of eye emphasizers into the concoction...Remember, makeup has no rules, and that is what we preach here at Dion Beaute!!

P/s: For pic reference above we used Lime Crime Velvetine in Wicked (MATTE) + Lucy in the sky (Ultra foiled) to get the metallic blood red color

Oh wait!, did we hear that you can even change the color of Matte liquid lipstick into a different color usinf our Matte Formula...????? (Tips coming soon)

8. Lip Topper Madness

A lil birdy told us we can use our Eye Emphasizer as a Lip topper to bring sparkle any boring look.

Credits to Geetha Vijay @geethavijaymakeup for this Tip!