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Highlighter Tricks To Help You Glow Even More Than You Already Do


1. Use a small, fluffy brush to apply Low Key Shady AF highlighter to the perfect spot.

The number of makeup brushes lining the beauty aisle is mesmerizing/confusing AF. And when it comes to highlighter, the right brush depends on the type of formula you're using. For powdery products, look for a small, fluffy brush that allows you to concentrate on the small cheekbone area.

2. OK, so you’ve got the right tools. Where should you apply the product?

“The highest planes of the face are the best for highlighter—brow bone, center of the nose bridge, cheeks, and cupid’s bow are ideal
Now not every face shape can be highlighted the same way. Here is a cheat sheet for your face shape

3. And make sure to apply highlight BEFORE you put on blush.