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Skin looking Dull and Tired? Yet, you haven't posted on Instagram for days ?

Look no further, We got' chu ! Here's an instant pick me up mask using our Botoxified Youth Renewing Beauty Oil.

Our Botoxified oil is infused with vitamins and minerals that quickly replenish your dull looking skin, with ingredients like ;

  • Black Rose Extract (Re-plump Skin )

  • Algae (Peptides & Skin Repairing Properties)

  • Prune (High Antioxidant)

  • Magnolia Bark (Age defying , Anti Aging)

  • Chamomile (Soothing)

But HOW do i get instant re-plump skin you ask? Follow this steps

1) Apply 10 -12 drops of Botoxified Youth Renewing Beauty Oil into your palms, warm it up in between your palms to activate the benefits of the oil.

2) Smear it across your face, for 5 minutes, let your skin drink up the benefits (Worry not, our Botoxified Oil is suitable for every skin type and is non comedogenic, ingredients like algae and chamomile helps with shrinking pore size,whitehead and new pimples)

3) Take a washcloth, wipe off the excess oil on your skin

4) And you are bound to have Glowing Plump skin! You can leave

it as it is or apply makeup on your newly replenish skin and watch how easily your makeup glides on your skin!

5) Now you are Selfie Ready, Snap a pic and do tag us !

p/s: Our Backstage Makeup artist often use this method before photo shoot for a smooth glow from within look on our models.