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How to Fake a Bleached Brow Look (With Makeup)

Let’s be real: bleached brows are a certified “out-there” look. Brows frame your facial features, and so without them, you’re left with a totally different look that feels hella edgy.

Honestly, you can’t scroll thru TikTok anymore before spotting this trend, with over 160 million views #bleachbrows is presently and now all throughout magazine covers, campaigns, and even at the runway. Now, we do get the hype and we stand with it.

They instantly add a cool, edgy vibe and radiate punk, grunge glam energy. If you aren't ready to commit, we’ve prepped the ultimate guide to fake the look with makeup and still look cool AF


Step 1: Start by using a skin tone concealer Simply find a full coverage, peach-toned concealer and apply a layer to your brows using a spoolie to ensure every brow hair is evenly coated.

If you skip this step and straight go in with a lighter concealer, your brows may look ashy.

As an extra step, you can use our Browlift Extreme Hold Gel to lay them flat before applying your skintone concealer (makesure your brows are dry before applying the concealer if you choose to do this step)

Step 2: Now it’s time to go in with another layer of full coverage concealer using a spoolie; however, this shade should be two to three shades lighter than your skin tone to create that faux-bleached effect.