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Lazy Girl's Guide to Dewy Healthy Skin in 2 min

There’s a fine art to achieving ‘two-litres a day dewy skin that glistens with health, hydration, and clarity—without going overboard (and looking like it). With the right products and a few pro tips from Dion Beaute team members Alia and Yi Wen, looking dewy in 2 minutes is easy. Here’s how

SKINCARE is the key

Just-quenched skin is all about hyaluronic acid, 3 drops of Maison De Dion A.M face oil (light face oil with antioxidant supported hydration), and by SPF 50 Sunscreen

(preferably Oxybenzone Free Formula). This is then followed by your Primer and then your Foundation/Concealer routine.

Now you know we can all get lazy early in the morning when we dont have the time and sometimes we just want 1 product to do it all for us. Let me intoduce you to Dion Beaute Dew Drops. I call it a lazy girl's hack to 2 litre of water a day look.


Just drop 2 drops of Dew Drops into a pump of your foundation (moisturize skin before hand for a smoother base) and apply it onto your face as per normal.