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We Tried ‘Slugging’ Skin Care Trend, and here is why we are obsessed with it

The K-beauty technique is going viral on TikTok—and for good reason.

What is slugging?

This K-beauty trend and internet sworn-by technique—which is now going viral again on TikTok—instead centers around slathering a thick layer of petroleum jelly or face oil on your face.

According to board-certified dermatologist Shari Marchbein, M.D., slugging is an intense form of moisturizing that uses face oil or petroleum jelly to help lock in hydration from your nightly skin-care routine. So while your current routine may be hydrating, topping it with an occlusive creates a barrier that traps in moisture and helps the formulas sink in even more. As an unabashed sucker for internet wisdom (and with oily acne prone flaky skin that won't quit), I put slugging to the test.

How does slugging work?

The process is simple: You go through your nightly skin-care routine as usual and then seal everything in with a layer of face oil or vaseline

1. Make sure face is clean with a gentle cleanser.

2. Use a toner

3. Apply serums (including H.A. for hydration), peptides, or essence

4. Apply Eye cream

5. A light moisturizer if you are feeling dry

5. Finish with a layer of Vaseline or 6 drops of face oil

My experience - Alia ( Dion Beaute Team )

Using vaseline is perhaps too heavy and pore clogging for some unless us (unless you have dry to ver